The Forensic Science International Group, which includes Brosz & Associates,  brings together experts from various states and countries who provide a wide range of highly specialized forensic science and engineering, loss reconstruction, cause and origin investigations, testing, commissioning, and technical and scientific services. 


Fields of expertise in the group include Electrical, Mechanical, Information Technology, Bio-Mechanics, Fire Sciences, Munitions and Weaponry and Jurisprudence.

Prof. Brosz and his staff of specialists and experts have completed over 7,000 assignments since 1970, involving electrical losses, electrical fires, accidents and electrocutions. Additionally we do electrical power system investigations and testing, electrical equipment failures including circuit breakers, motors, switchgear,  generators, transformers, appliances, utility transmission, distribution, substations and generators.

The Mechanical Group specializes in sprinkler systems, emergency generators, valves & piping and natural gas & propane